At Red Arrow Tap Room, we want you to enjoy insanely good beer and wine, without the wait and distractions. With our revolutionary pour-your-own technology, each visit is a new craft beer adventure. We serve traditional house-smoked barbecue in a family-friendly atmosphere. 

Our Purpose

We believe in celebrating hard work, health, and happiness by sharing insanely good beer—one pour, one patron, and one community at a time.

Our Mission

Red Arrow Tap Room is committed to connecting small independent craft breweries with patrons that enjoy tasting insanely good beer. We are passionate about educating our patrons on craft beer. We honor the hard work, innovation, and entrepreneurial culture of craft breweries. We know that insanely good beer is brewed from the hard work and innovation of independent craft breweries.

Our Values

  • Community. We believe in the power of the community. Red Arrow supports our local communities and the communities where independent craft breweries are creating jobs and opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship. We celebrate the spirit of independence, which is a key ingredient in brewing insanely good beer. Each beer that we serve has a story that required personal sacrifices, risks, and innovation.
  • Hard Work. We know that hard work is the key to making insanely good beer, and it's something that can't be faked. Discipline, focus, and commitment are necessary for success.
  • Responsibility. We have deep sense of personal responsibility. The responsible enjoyment of beer is encouraged and enabled by our team, our technology, and our policies.
  • Health & Happiness.  We believe that happiness helps people live longer. Healthy lifestyles contribute to longevity.

What Customers Say...