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As Red Arrow's Chief Beer Officer, Marty Nachel ensures that our beer ambassadors know their stuff and are able to help customers select the perfect beer for their palate. He's committed to spreading knowledge and love of independent craft beer far and wide.

Marty literally wrote the book on beer. Actually, he's written several, notably Beer for Dummies, Homebrewing for Dummies, and Beer Across America.

A homebrewer since 1985 and a Certified Beer Judge since 1986, Marty's roots in craft beer run about as deep as they come. He has judged at some of the most prestigious craft beer contests, including the Great American Beer Fest and the Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beers.

As a craft brewing aficionado for more than 30 years, Marty is extremely gratified by mainstream America's embrace of insanely good craft beer. "I get chills when I think about how far we've come," he says.

Marty believes that anyone can be a "craft beer person"—they just need to find the style that's right for them. Beer is a beverage of choice and pleasure, and with more than 100 beer styles out there, it comes down to being willing to experiment and learn about the vast array of craft beer options.

"I'm very education-minded. I love opening doors and minds," Marty says. "People who are new to craft beer often get pressured into trying this or that, without any real education to help them along. That's my mission, and I hope to fulfill that mission with Red Arrow."



Proprietors Joseph Tota and Jim Pacente came up with the concept of Red Arrow Tap Room during one of their frequent runs along the Red Arrow Highway in Union Pier, Michigan. Southwest Michigan is awash in fantastic breweries, and their simple yet revolutionary idea was to share a taste of these independent breweries and others like them by using the latest self-pour technology. They imagined a place filled with friendly people enjoying great beer and delicious food in a fun, modern environment, free of the hassles and headaches that so often accompany the contemporary restaurant experience.

Both Joe and Jim are avid runners who believe that hard work, entrepreneurship, and a healthy lifestyle are the keys to happiness. Joe is a management consultant who helps organizations develop training programs to improve worker performance. He's also president-elect of the Chicago Area Runners Association. Jim is a former running store owner and floor trader. Together, they are bringing innovation to the craft beer industry with technology, Pour Your Own self-service, and hospitality-included pricing.