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On your next visit to our tap room, you'll notice an emblem of a large flag with 13 hops positioned in a circle with the slogan, “Embrace Independence.” Our team receives many inquiries on “what does it mean?” or “what are you embracing independence from?” Everyone knows that the Thirteen Original colonies declared their independence from Britain in 1776. At Red Arrow, our emblem is symbolic of their independence.

Our emblem represents the core values that we share with a broader community of beer advocates, innovators, risk takers, technology enthusiasts and fellow entrepreneurs. Changing the status quo is always a challenge, but we are resolute to show that there is a better way to run a hospitality establishment, with personalized choice while delivering a one-of-a-kind experience for each guest. Our products, service model and technology reinforce our mission to connect small independent craft breweries with patrons through an engaging and educational experience.

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We embrace independent beer. Most of the beer that we serve is local, and certified independent by the Brewer’s Association. The brewers who innovate and produce the amazing craft beer that we are proud to serve have made personal sacrifices to fulfill their personal dreams. They are helping their own communities by creating jobs and revitalizing industry. Their personal stories are heartfelt, inspiring and motivating.


In addition, we help to promote and support local independent breweries. Much of the beer that we source is purchased directly from the brewery. Our tap room walls are decorated with photography from local craft breweries. Our passionate beer ambassadors share the stories of breweries with guests.


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We embrace independence from the status quo. The advancement of technology has disrupted the consumer experience on how beer is selected, dispensed and purchased. At Red Arrow, we removed the barriers between the customer and great beer. The bar is now gone, so customers can get closer to the product, the bartender is replaced with a beer ambassador there to educate the customer while they pour their own beer. Fancy tap handles and pint pours are now gone, replaced by ounces and digital screens that are interactive providing imagery and information about beer.

Red Arrow customers can choose and sample by the ounce which becomes a game-changer for the independent brewer. Brand loyalty is less important, and the quality of the product reigns supreme in the new, here-to-last model for craft beer dispensing. The risk of purchasing a flight or pint of a non-desired beer is non-existent when all beer is sold by the ounce.

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We haven’t forgotten about bartenders, the traditional server of craft beer and the original beer ambassador. At Red Arrow, we’ve reinvented their role by arming them with education on craft breweries and harnessing their passion. We’ve empowered them to engage guests by removing the distraction of pouring beer. The beer ambassadors that we employ are passionate and knowledgeable about beer and happy to share with our guests.

We embrace independence from the antediluvian restaurant experience.  The restaurant experience is broken. We’ve all had less than ideal experiences at restaurants. The guest experience that we’ve implemented powered by our technology and gratuity-free model all but eliminates most of the common pain points in the contemporary restaurant experience.


The Red Arrow guest experience reigns supreme. Guests check-in upon arrival in our establishment, after an ID check and credit card pre-authorization, they are issued a Pour Pass which tabulates their beer samplings and food purchases. Table-tablet ordering increases the accuracy and efficiency of food orders. The entire menu is available on the table-tablet which delivers a one-of-a-kind experience through customization of menu choices.  

Guests that are ready to leave can check-out at the host station in less than 10 seconds. Our gratuity-free model makes check-out fast and efficient. No credit card receipts to sign, no paper (unless a receipt is requested). No waiting for the server. It’s very fast!

Our team members, including our kitchen team are incentivized through revenue-sharing. They are paid fair compensation and receive incentives based on the overall weekly revenue of the establishment. This team-based approach is directly focused on creating an exceptional guest experience. The old way of a server only paying attention to their section is over. The entire team at Red Arrow is focused on every guest, not just a section or table.

At Red Arrow, we are doing things different to create the ultimate guest experience. It’s not easy implementing change. We know!


Our vision is clear, and we believe that the future of an entire industry is being formed at Red Arrow. We know that not everyone that visits Red Arrow will like us, but the ones that do like us will really love us. The love they have when they visit Red Arrow is our inspiration each day!

Embrace Independence,

Joseph B. Tota, Founder & CEO

Red Arrow Tap Room